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Our History

Zénon and Jonas, the two founders of FOLLOW ME

Before meeting each other, both had experienced the effects of poor posture on their backs on a daily basis.

Zénon worked for 10 years in demolition, as a demolition and asbestos removal specialist in sub-section 3, and often suffered from back pain as a result of poorly executed repetitive movements. He found that he was far from being the only one in this case, all specialties included.

Jonas, a computer scientist by profession, worked in offices for long hours, noticing that back problems affected many people in his field.

In their respective workplaces, they observed an increase in the number of people with back problems, despite safety training on posture and the correct way to bend down or carry objects weighing more than 20 kilos.

They learned about existing methods around the world and found that there were no real long-term solutions or methods that could be used from a young age.

Back problems can affect all professions and concern people living anywhere in the world.

That's why, when they met, they decided to create and develop a device that could assist, accompany and guide many people so that they could maintain a perfect posture and no longer suffer from back pain.

Everyone wants to have a personalized coach, to be followed and encouraged to stand up straight, to have a correct posture.

So they created "FOLLOW ME", which will remind you to stand up straight every time you bend forward, by emitting vibrations or a sound signal.

A perfect coach that will encourage you to take care of your back at all times. This will encourage you to acquire good habits, necessary to avoid suffering from bad posture, as the days go by.

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