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Based on Biofeedback Science

What is Biofeedback ?

It is a method that allows you to control your body unconsciously through a device called Follow Me.

It is a 3.5 cm diameter disc that uses gentle vibrations to focus the brain’s attention on your posture in real time.

The vibration will serve as a signal to the brain, which will then create an association with the correct posture to adopt.

A new habit in two weeks

Acquiring good posture and maintaining it throughout your daily activities will become a habit in just 2 weeks.

Your muscles will naturally strengthen so that you can maintain good posture over the long term, even without Follow Me.

The benefits of good posture scientifically proven

A proper back posture :

Increases your lung capacity by up to 30%. Deeper breathing detoxifies the body by activating the lymphatic system, which will make you more energetic.

Reduces the production of cortisol, making you more resistant to stress so you can increase your productivity.
Overcome your challenges !

Strengthens your self-confidence and promotes your self-fulfillment.

Three ways to wear Follow Me


The adhesive refills come with 10 reusable adhesive pads, to place Follow Me directly on your skin.

Made of medical-grade silicone, they are hypoallergenic, and secure your device in place without leaving a mark on your skin.


The collar offers you a convenient alternative to adhesives. The Follow Me device is designed to fit any collar.


You can clip Follow Me to any of your clothes.

There is no excuses not to wear it.

Rated 5 stars on AppStore & Play Store

Configure Follow Me in real time by connecting it to the Follow Me application, available FOR FREE on IOS and Android.

Set your own objectives and finally learn how to keep upright.

On the application, set the power of the vibrations, the maximum inclination of your spine and the latency time between the relaxation of the posture and the vibrations, according to your needs.

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